Welcome to Tom Guilliam's Web Page!

In my 58 years on earth I have done many things and had several different careers.  I have harvested wheat, managed a park, picked potatoes and put them in a horse drawn wagon. I have managed a Donut Shop, (but there was no dough in it so it went into the hole.)   I have worked at Television stations on both sides of the camera, and have worked in Radio broadcasting as well. I was an employee for 15 years of the University of Nebraska. I shifted Careers and went into computer repair and also have been a Network Administrator.   I have lived in Kansas, Nebraska and Alaska; but consider Nebraska as my home.  I have been married to the same wonderful woman, Dolores, for over 35 years and love her more than ever.  Together we have 2 children, Kathy that lives in Omaha and is an Loan Specialist at a Bank and Bryan who lives in Tampa and works for the Home Shopping Network.  I am writing a book about my adventures in Alaska, including the good the bad and the ugly mostly ugly. Alaska has nice scenery, but from experiance, you don't want to live there.

My hobbies are:

Web Surfing

Star Trek


Husker Football