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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the absolutely best site to play the "Kevin Bacon" Game. By the way, I, Tom Guilliam am a mere Bacon Number of 3: 1. I am related to my cousin Norman Judd. 2. My cousin Norman Judd was in "Pass the Ammunition" with Bill Paxton. 3. Bill Paxton was in "Apollo 13" with Kevin Bacon.









Absolutely the best authoritative site for anything related to Nome, AK
by far, and also the site with all the best photos from  my good friend Tom Busch.  He was manager of KNOM radio (retired), novelist, Rotary Club member, photographer and your basic overachiever!  You can view his site at: Tom Busch's Nome Page.

Not that I condone what the goals of the Confederacy were in the War between the States, but it is part of my family history.  Truth be known is that my ancestors probably did own slaves, but the Sins of the Father are not visited upon the son, so I should not be accountable for something that happened 150 years ago.  That being said, I have discovered some interesting history about my Great-Grandfather James Thomas Guilliam (1836-1916).  He would have been 29 years old when he lost his arm in the Civil War battle for Rasaca, Georgia in 1865.  Evidently he received a pension from the Civil War because of his handicap.  The 1911 Census of Civil War Veterans says that he was a farmer, Socialist, deacon in the Missionary Baptist Church.  There is more information at the link above.

For those of you who miss it, here is a link to my Nome Web Cam site, the Tom Office cam has gone away because I was using GCI to host it, but now I am getting rid of that connection for a TelaAlaska DSL.  I am also dropping GCI cable in favor of Dish Network, at half the cost of just local cable.  If you move to Nome, take my advice and cross over to the other side of the street when approached by anyone from GCI. (Got Crappy Internet) (Get Customers Irritated) (Greedy Corporate Imbeciles)  You get the picture.